Healthy Life-Healthy Future

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Shaxboz’s essay

         How we understand a healthy lifestyle.

Today many people become aware about healthy life style. First of all what is it healthy lifestyle? Undoubtedly It means keeping a balanced diet as well as being involved in some sport or other activities. We usually find easy to eat something such as fast food. It’s hot-dog , hamburger, lavash and hot lunches and etc. They’re too junk food for our stomach. We should definitely know eating too much of them will result a health problem. What is the beginning of healthy lifestyle? Every morning we must eat stronger food, for example, palov, eggs and boiled sour cream. Eating calories meal in the morning will help our body easily to digest it. I mean we feel ourselves very well like bird ever we will try to fly. Vegetables, fruits, natural juices and whole meals can be the most essential in keeping healthy life. It means one can control their weight or follow nutritious diet.

Another fact of living healthy life style is doing some exercises which reduce risk of heart disease and improves blood pressure. It is the best way of heating the extra fat in our body. Just keep it as a rule: run 3-4 km, do exercises in early morning, walk, ride a bicycle, swim in summer or even in winter, at swimming pool. In conclusion we should follow these rules and have a healthy lifestyle.

Mushtariy’s Essay

                              Healthy lifestyle – keeping away from stress.

Life is becoming more stressful. People live under the pressure of various problems social, ecological, economical, global and others. They constantly suffer from stress, noise and dust in big cities especially, in crowded places. In order to overcome all difficulties we should be strong and healthy, take care of our physical and mental health. There are several ways to do that. Sport is of primary importance. Nowadays different kinds of sport become more accessible for people. Vast network of sport clubs offer a great choice with well equipped equipments and trainers. These trainers help them to choose the right set of exercises. The most useful kinds of sport are swimming, gym, jogging and yoga.

Healthy lifestyle presupposes healthy food. Usually healthy food is simple. The daily menu includes meat, fruits, vegetables and milk products. Fruits and vegetables contain different vitamins and give us energy. People go on diet especially women. But I prefer keeping healthy lifestyle to sitting on a diet. Obviously it may appear harmful for our health, however with consulting with nutritionist prove too much for having healthy diet. Also I avoid eating in restaurants or cafes, especially fast food; in fact I prefer homemade nutritious food.

The healthy person never smokes and never gets drugs or alcohols because they are surely destroy both our body and brain. All these things can be considered as great enemies of the mankind.

In conclusion, I think keeping fit and having a healthy lifestyle we’d better avoid of anxiety and stress, we should eat healthy food and be active and energetic.

Alina’s essay.

                              Healthy lifestyle.

Living a healthy lifestyle is certainly not easy. The only possible way of preserving your health is therefore. Keeping fit, balanced meals and giving up unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and of course drugs are the most important things in healthy way of life.

To stay healthy one must give up smoking. Everybody knows smoking is hazardous for your health and can lead to fatal diseases like cancer. Smoking should undoubtedly be banned in all public ways because it influences not only smoker but people around him.

We also must take a good eating habit in our daily life such as taking a balanced diet and drinking water at least 8 glasses per days.

In fact many of us used to eat fast food. Do we know how much harm in gives to our body? Eating healthy food prevent you from going to doctor and spend much money.

Exercise is a part of a healthy life. No, you don’t have to run on the tread mill for 2 hours or lift 50 weights. Exercise can be very easy and fun. Take the dog for a walk or take kids to a trail. If summer, go to the beach and walk around collecting seashells.

In conclusion I will promote healthy lifestyle: eating vegetables and fruits, doing exercises and keeping away from unhealthy habits.

Jamshid’s Essay

                    How do I understand a healthy lifestyle?

I want to write about healthy lifestyle. As we know that being healthy is the most important thing in our life. There are some useful things that help us to be healthy.

As far as I’m concerned,taking control of our health by creating habits and making choices that will improve our physical and emotional well-being. For example: Daily physical exercises can greatly improve our quality of healthy lifestyle. We should find activities that we enjoy and exercise with a friend. On the other hand, healthy eating can help us control our weight and reduce other health problems such as high cholesterol.

Effective stress management is another key to healthy living. Stress can have a negative effect on emotional well-being, interrupt sleep, reduce energy levels and cause a variety of physical aches and pains. I think stress isn't completely avoidable, butwe can learn how to effectively deal with it can prevent it from negatively affecting our health. We have to take time to do things we find pleasure in and devote time each day to relaxing. With busy and stressful lives, many people feel like they don't get enough sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep each day. However, our sleep really depends on our age, work schedule and activity levels. If we pay attention to how we feel after different amounts of sleep. For example, if we're happiest and most energetic after nine hours, that may be an optimal amount of sleep for us.

On the other hand, there is something that definitely affects people’s health. Smoking harms many body organs and increases the risk of heart attack and diabetes. If you smoke, kicking the habit may be positive thing you can do for your health.


Oyista and Maftuna's Workshop

         Workshop on Healthy Lifestyle for the 6-7 years old 1srt grade learners.

Warm up .Presenter asks pupils how 2014 is called in L1. –Bolalar, aytinglarchi 2014 yil qanday ataladi?

Answer: 2014 yil-soglom bola yili deb ataladi.

Presenter says “2014 yil-sog’lom bola yili” in English.

2014 is the year of healthy child. Here they may show a picture describing a healthy child. Presenter says “a healthy child” several times and asks learners to repeat it.


1) Brainstorming: Presenter asks a question in L1. How can we be healthy? –Bolalar, qani aytinglarchi, sog’lom bo’lishimiz uchun nimalar qilishimiz kerak?

Answers: Qo’llarimizni yuvishimiz kerak, tishlarimizni tozalashimiz kerak, badantarbiya qilishimiz kerak.-We must wash our hands. We must brush our teeth. Children must do morning exercises.

2) Presentation. Then a presenter shows a Power Point Presentation on A Healthy Child and introduces the Vocabulary of the lesson: to wash hands, to brush the teeth, to do morning exercises, to eat healthy food, fast food, sweets, chocolates. Presenter shows the PP Presentation two times. While showing the slides a she can give some more information about these activities, tell the learners which one is good and necessary; and which one is bad and the learners should avoid of them.

Wash hands-

Do morning exercises-

Brush the teeth-

Eat healthy food-

Not much sweets & chocolates-

No fast food-

While–activity Presenter gives the learners pictures from the slides as handouts and asks them to show their picture when they see the same picture while watching the presentation for the third time and say their pictures in English. For example: Eat Healthy Food, Do morning exercises, Brush the Teeth and etc….


1) Playing a game. The class will be divided into 3 groups and a presenter invites 2 volunteers from each groups. All things describing good and bad habits for healthy lifestyle are put on the table and volunteers one by one come to the table with closed eyes take any thin things from the table. Then they’ll open their eyes and say which activity these things belong to. For example: toothpaste- Brush the teeth; a ball- Do morning exercises; a soap- Wash hands…. If the pupil can’t say another pupil from the group can give the answer. The group will take point if its participant gives the right answer. If they can’t answer other pupils from other groups can give the right answer and take extra points. The group with more points will be the winner of the game.

2) Reflection: Here a presenter can show firstly, pictures with good habits and then pictures with bad habits and encourage the learners to say them in English.

Nilufar and Yodgor's Golden Rules

We think all people should have their golden rules in their lifestyle. We've made our golden rules.
1. Do Sports.
2. Eat healthy food.
3. Follow the hygiens.
3. Say No to fast food, smoking
4. Keep clean. 
5. Enjoy the life.

It's never late to make a good decision.

Each person should have his own golden rules.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables  must be a big portion in our eating

Washing hands keeps illnesses away

If you want to have healthy teeth you should brush your teeth twice a day

Say No to smoking

Love yourself and say No to fast food